Learn More About How to Care for Your Pet

Like most of our clients, it is likely you take the responsibility of owning a pet seriously. In the course of caring for a pet, questions will come up for the committed dog or cat owner.

Educated, informed owners make for healthier cats and dogs. What is more, there have been so many advances in pet care in recent years. Even if you’ve lived with pets all your life, you may be unaware of the current thinking. We know so much more about how to create a strong foundation of health for our pets. Preventive care is now emphasized, just as in human medicine. Ten years ago, who would have thought to brush a pet’s teeth? Yet, we now know dental health is vital to overall health.

We’ve partnered with ePetHealth.com to bring you educational videos on a variety of pet health and wellness topics. We offer this as a service to our clients. These videos, which can be watched at your leisure, reinforce information we might discuss in office visits. Each lasting 4–6 minutes, the videos are high quality and feature helpful animation.

A library of topics has been selected to cover basics in pet care. Each video is relevant to every cat or dog parent. From wellness, to exercise, to pet dental care, to flea and parasite prevention, we have you covered.

Follow the links below to learn about the topics listed below: